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Sealing a stone vessel sink

Posted by David Magid - TashMart on

Stone sink sealingSealing your stone vessel sink is an important step in maintaining the stone's beauty over time.  Natural stone is porous which means it can stain if certain products are left on the surface for an extended period of time.  Stone sinks are at a lower risk of staining versus countertops and floors since they are not usually subjected to the common stain culprits such as red wine, lemon and other cooking materials.  Nevertheless, you need to seal your stone sink after installation and then periodically over time depending on what type of sealer you use.

So what kind of sealer should you use on your stone sink?  Most big box hardware stores have a variety of stone sealing products.  Picking the right product can sometimes be confusing.  Most stone sealers fall into two categories - Topical Sealers and Impregnators.  Topical sealers are made from wax or plastic compounds.  The sealer forms a thin layer over the stone and repels water, oil and other contaminants.  Impregnators penetrate the stone and form a layer of protection from within the stone.  

Each type of stone sealer has advantages and disadvantages.  Topical sealers are cheaper, easy to install and can provide different degrees of polish to the stone.  The disadvantages are that some topical sealers create a soft layer that can show scratching, the sealer may slightly alter the appearance of the stone, and most topical sealers need to be re-applied every 1-2 years.  Impregnators do not alter the appearance of the stone and last for years without the need for reapplication.  However, impregnators are typically more expensive, are more challenging to apply and release harmful vapors during application. 

If you plan on applying the sealer yourself, we recommend going with a topical sealer. Contact TashMart if you have more questions about sealing your stone vessel sink. 713-510-4888.

(ref:Marble Institute of America)

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