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Vessel Sink Placement - Above the counter, semi-recessed or recessed

Posted by David Magid - TashMart on


You've purchased a stone vessel sink and now you need to decide how you want to install it.  There are three common ways to display a stone sink - above the counter, semi-recessed or fully recessed.  Most standard porcelain sinks are under-mounted which means they are attached under the countertop surface.  Stone sinks can be under-mounted however this is not recommended based on weight and other factors.

The most common vessel sink position is above the counter.  Most people that have a vessel sink install it above the countertop so that it is completely visible by all that use it.  A stone vessel sink is a premium product and you want people to be able to see it.


Another installation option for a vessel sink is semi-recessed.  This means the vessel sink is partially above the countertop and partially below the countertop.  This installation method lowers the overall height of the sink but still allows people to see part of the vessel sink above the countertop.  This installation method is more challenging for the installer and requires a precise hole be cut in the countertop.  Cutting the hole too large will cause the sink to recess more than desired.  When installed properly, a semi-recessed stone sink is visually appealing and keeps the overall sink height lower than an above the counter vessel sink.

TashMart recessed stone sink

The final placement option is a fully recessed vessel sink.  Only certain sinks can be fully recessed.  A sink must have a rim in order to be fully recessed.  The rim section of the sink will sit above the countertop and the rest of the sink will be below the surface of the countertop.  This application is desirable for those that want to reduce the total height of their sink.  This type of installation can also be challenging.  A hole must be cut in the countertop large enough to clear the base of the rim but not too large so that the rim is unsupported.

A stone sink is a premium product for your bathroom project.  It is the first thing someone will see when they enter your bathroom and the last thing they will think about when they leave your bathroom. Select the appropriate display option to meet your aesthetic and functional goals.  TashMart carries a large selection of sinks that can be installed in any of the three options discussed.  Contact us at 713-510-4888 for more information on selecting the right stone sink for your project.

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